Ignite The EP now online

Happy to announce the online release of my EP. Songs can be found on iTunes,spottily,amazon and google play.



Check out this review.

“My buddy Tunde released his EP! I’ve just spent some time listening to it, and here’s why you should give it a listen too:

I had to move my last thought first, because I think it’s the most telling: Some lines are in a language I don’t speak, but I can still enjoy it because Babatunde understands that not only is the voice musical, but so is language. I’m really excited to hear what he can do with some Haitian French vocalists, or maybe to do a Salsa number with some trilling Spanish!

But it’s not just his composition and ability to arrange pieces. There is something genuine in Babatunde’s voice that paints pictures clearly in the mind. His voice and the production of it creates a great, clean sound, like drinking fresh spring water in your ear. I feel like I’m sitting on a log, listening to music played from across the lake. On other tracks it’s like sitting in a classy club with a tonic, you can almost feel the oak and mahogany furnishings, the linen cloths and soft light.

Take a listen. If you have a heart, “Here She Comes” will make you smile. “Winner” will lift you up. Grab the whole thing for under five bucks (at time of release) and you’ll enjoy how he strings the tracks together to make a greater whole.

TL;DR, it’s not my usual fare, but it leaves me hungry for more!”

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