Another Review on Ignite the EP

“First and foremost, let me apologize for the late review!
Although I’ve heard ‘Brain up’ before, its still fresh. I like d subtle jazz touch in the  background
‘Here she comes’, nice romantic reggae. The lyrics are real & original like a gentle man describing the effect his babe has on him. It’s heartfelt.  Very believable.
‘Winner’ that’s my best! Excellent job  excellent ! Superb vocals – your voice was exceptional! Impeccable! And the back-up was smooth, well blended.
Here’s my general/summary impression of everything – you did a good job! The hard work that went into it is obvious in the impeccable finishing for each song
Style: I like d fact that you’ve maintained your style over d years. You seem to have discovered youur style and you’ve stayed with it.
You are now taking it (style) further by combining different genres in a song. I may be unable to be more specific because  of the limitation of  music lingua but I seem to observe jazz /highlife, traditional yoruba stuff etc in just one song.
That, to me, is d great job!”

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